Selection of automobile stamping parts Automobile stamping parts are the components of the whole automobile and the stamping parts serving the automobile. The processing of automobile stamping parts is a kind of production technology, which makes the sheet metal directly subject to deformation force and deform in the die withContinue Reading

Meticulous work creates focused quality Hardware stamping parts are relatively more difficult than ordinary stamping parts production, although the two are only a size difference, when it is for production, the difference can be not small, the smaller the size of stamping parts, the higher the accuracy requirements, and theContinue Reading

Stamping workshop During the seven day holiday, most friends choose to visit relatives, travel and so on. And FSS hardware stamping production workshop, No. 4 began to be as hot as usual, we put the hard sweat as another kind of dedication to the motherland. The designers of the engineeringContinue Reading

Choose the right stamping parts processing in hardware industry It is not difficult to choose a manufacturer for stamping parts processing. How can we choose a correct supplier to match our company in terms of precision, capacity and service cooperation? The editor will tell you how to choose Xiaobian thinksContinue Reading

Excellent metal stamping parts There are so many metal stamping parts circulating and manufactured in the market every day. Do you know those are excellent stamping parts and those are ordinary stamping parts? What attributes do you think of as excellent stamping parts? Want to be able to be boredContinue Reading

Types of metal stamping dies There are various kinds of metal stamping products. According to the different products, the molds opened are also different. 1、 Single die. This kind of metal stamping mould is relatively uncomplicated. The sheet is placed in the die cavity and pressed at one time. ThisContinue Reading

How to prevent deformation of stamping die In the process of heat treatment of stamping die, there will be some defects, such as deformation, cracking, inhomogeneity and so on. If we take precautions before heat treatment of stamping dies, these situations can be avoided. So how to prevent it? 1.Continue Reading

Processing requirements for connector terminal molds In the mass production of stamping parts, the material of the male and female molds of the working parts of the connector terminal mold should be high-quality, good wear-resistant mold steel. The parts and materials of other process structure parts and auxiliary structure partsContinue Reading

Set up a mass production base for high-performance aviation parts On June 2, China Hengrui Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HRC), the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for lightweight composite materials, settled in the high-tech industrial development zone of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. Opened the “aircraft era” ofContinue Reading