Safety awareness of stamping die The stamping die is the main technological equipment of stamping process. The stamping parts are completed by the relative movement of the upper and lower dies. In terms of structure, it is necessary to ensure the convenience of feeding, fixing, discharging and cleaning wastes. ForContinue Reading

Reasonable use and maintenance of precision stamping die In order to protect the normal production, improve the quality of stamping parts, reduce the cost and prolong the service life of the die, it is necessary to use and maintain the precision stamping die correctly, strictly implement the “three inspection” systemContinue Reading

Precision punching processing microporous stamping manufacturers Precision punching processing, micro hole stamping molding is made of metal materials, after stamping machinery production. The products are used in liquid filtration, gas filtration, sound attenuation, etc. Features: stamping, bending, aging resistance, rusty, smooth wall, smooth web, burr free, durable. The main materialsContinue Reading

Notes on adjustment of clip feeder for precision metal stamping parts Precision metal stamping parts production, you need to select the appropriate auxiliary equipment to produce high-quality products, you choose high-quality suppliers, it is recommended that they be included in the scope of inspection. Heju precision stamping parts manufacturers thinkContinue Reading

Safety precautions in workshop of stamping parts manufacturer 1. When working in the workshop of stamping parts manufacturer, concentrate on work, do things seriously, do not joke, do not go to work or chat. 2. Wearing sandals, slippers, shorts, vest or barefoot are not allowed to enter the workshop. 3.Continue Reading

Household plug shrapnel — non standard customization The shrapnel in the household plug is the key component to ensure smooth current and reduce heating. High quality sockets are made of high-quality copper parts. They are oxidation resistance, strong toughness, thick copper sheet and less riveting, which are the four indicatorsContinue Reading

Household solar cell shrapnel Solar shrapnel is the main material in solar cell module. There is a blue antireflection film on the surface of the solar cell, and there are silver white electrode grid lines. Many of the thin grid lines are the leads from the surface electrode of theContinue Reading

Types and technical characteristics of high speed precision stamping parts High speed precision stamping parts can be divided into electronic parts, IC integrated circuit lead frame, motor iron core, electrical iron core, automobile parts, household appliances parts and other types according to the industry, application and process characteristics. The mainContinue Reading