The production types are usually divided into three categories: 1. Single piece production: produce different structures and different sizes of products individually, and rarely repeat. 2. Mass production: The same products are manufactured in batches throughout the year, with a certain degree of repeatability in the manufacturing process. 3. MassContinue Reading

Carbon is the main strengthening element in steel, and its effect on spring steel is often more than other alloy elements. According to the application requirements, the spring steel should be medium high carbon alloy steel. The carbon content of spring steel is 0.45% ~ 0.65%. In order to overcomeContinue Reading

Cold drawn (rolled) spring steel includes steel wire and steel strip. This kind of steel surface quality and dimensional accuracy requirements are particularly strict. The production process of steel wire includes oil quenching and cold drawing. Oil quenched steel wire is to cold draw the steel wire to the specifiedContinue Reading

Spring steel refers to the special alloy steel used to manufacture all kinds of springs and other elastic elements. According to performance requirements and service conditions, it can be divided into ordinary alloy spring steel and special alloy spring steel. Spring steel has excellent comprehensive properties. Spring steel has excellentContinue Reading

Torsion spring is a kind of mechanical part which uses elasticity to work. It is usually made of spring steel. It is widely used in computer, electronics, household appliances, cameras, instruments, doors, motorcycles, harvesters, automobiles, etc.   The main production equipment includes: digital control multi-functional computer spring coiler, mechanical automaticContinue Reading

Related standards GB/T_ 1239[1].1-2009_ Technical specification of cold rolled cylindrical coil spring_ Part 1: tension spring; GB / t2087-2001 dimensions and parameters of cylindrical spiral tension spring: GB / T 2008-1997, etc. Design parameters Indicate the material diameter (d), outer diameter (d), total length (HO), number of working laps (n),Continue Reading

Compression spring is the most widely used spring in all kinds of spring. Its products are widely used in electronics, motors, computers, information, motorcycles, bicycles, hardware tools, gifts, toys and even national defense industry. Because of its easy to master design and principle, the manufacturing control is also the simplest.Continue Reading

Spring is a common hardware accessories, A name – B dimensional accuracy and rotation direction – C standard number – D material number – e surface treatment A name: compression spring B dimensional accuracy and rotation direction: D × D2 × H0 – precision direction of rotation C Standard No.:Continue Reading

The compression spring is a kind of hardware accessory with spiral geometry formed by line. Therefore, it is more difficult to strengthen the compression spring than the plane hardware parts (such as stamping parts). In addition, the hardening effect of the cross section of the compression spring should be strictlyContinue Reading