Bertley plans to raise 900 million yuan to invest in several aluminum auto parts projects

Wuhu bertley automobile safety system Co., Ltd. (bertley) issued the plan. In order to enhance the company’s core competitiveness and enhance the company’s profitability, the company plans to publicly issue convertible corporate bonds of no more than 902 million yuan to raise funds for a number of auto parts projects.
It is understood that the fund raised this time is mainly used for the construction project of 4 million pieces of lightweight parts with an annual output of 4 million pieces in Mexico, the processing project of 50000 tons of cast iron auto parts and 10000 tons of cast aluminum auto parts, the R & D project of the next generation line control system (wcbs2.0) and the supplementary working capital.
Among them, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui Diarra Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. will respectively invest 70% and 30% to establish Wuhu Bertelli Mexico company, which will be constructed by Wuhu Bertelli Mexico company. The project is planned to be located in saltiyo City, coavera state, Mexico. The total investment of the project is 350 million yuan, 62 mu of land is newly purchased, 25780 square meters of new factory buildings are built, and the main equipment such as edge cutting machine, casting machine, melting furnace, X-ray machine, spectrometer, heat treatment, horizontal processing center, heat shrinker, three coordinates and other major equipment are purchased.
In the project, 14 aluminum steering knuckle casting production lines and 34 aluminum steering knuckle machining production lines are newly built, and the self-developed technology is adopted to produce lightweight cast aluminum automobile parts. After the completion of the project, an annual output of 4 million cast aluminum steering knuckles can be supplied to nearby main engine manufacturers such as general motors of Mexico, Volkswagen of Mexico and general motors of the United States, which can greatly reduce the transportation costs and reduce the tariff impact of China and the United States. The project was implemented in July this year, completed in March 2021 for trial operation, and achieved mass production in August 2021.
In addition, the processing project of cast iron auto parts and cast aluminum auto parts is planned to reconstruct the original 10000 square meter factory building in Suncun Economic Development Zone, Fanchang County, Wuhu City, at the same time, 33 mu of land will be added, 15883 square meters of workshop and 2800 square meters of Technology Center will be built, and the natural gas smelting heat preservation crucible furnace and refining degassing machine will be purchased The production line equipment, such as hydrogen detector, spectrometer, gravity casting unit, solid melting furnace, aging furnace and X-ray flaw detector, adopts the technology of independent research and development, and adds 40000 tons of automobile parts iron castings and 10000 tons of automobile parts casting aluminum parts production lines.
The company said that the investment project with raised funds has good profitability and market prospect. After the completion of the project, it will meet the requirements of the rapidly growing product market demand for the company’s capacity, bring good economic benefits to the company, further enhance the company’s comprehensive strength, form a strong support for the company’s future production and operation funds, and enhance the company’s future risk resistance Ability.