BMW and Alibaba sign a strategic cooperation memorandum

BMW and Alibaba sign a strategic cooperation memorandum
On October 26, BMW and Alibaba signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. It is reported that the two parties will cooperate in areas such as branding, marketing, channels, cross-end operations, services, and information technology, and are committed to realizing the full-process digital strategy of BMW China’s business, and helping dealers to provide customers with end-to-end, online and offline Digital brand experience.
According to the memorandum of cooperation, BMW and Alibaba will jointly launch an online sales and service business for dealers of high-end auto brands, opening up an end-to-end, online and offline digital experience. In the future, the online user traffic generated in the partnership between the two parties will also be diverted to distributors, creating more business opportunities for them. In addition, with the help of Alibaba’s global membership system, BMW and MINI will also carry out brand membership services and marketing activities on Alibaba’s multiple online platforms to increase user stickiness and activity.
Regarding the cooperation between the two parties, Gao Le, President and CEO of BMW Group Greater China, said: “As BMW accelerates its digital transformation, cross-industry cooperation and open innovation exchanges are essential. Alibaba is a representative of China’s top technology companies. , Has unique advantages in digital technology, large-scale user platforms and channels, and target customer operations. We are very happy to work with Alibaba to create a comprehensive, online-to-offline and convenient digital brand experience for Chinese customers, while enriching us Digital products and services.”
Regarding the cooperation with BMW, Alibaba Group Vice President and Secretary-General of Enterprise Service System Jing Jie said: “Now BMW is at the forefront of digital transformation and upgrading, becoming the first auto company to access Alibaba’s business operating system. Alibaba Business The operating system is to use digital means to help BMW accelerate the realization of a cross-business, multi-scenario operation model, and form a consumer-centric end-to-end full life cycle service.”
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In the recent period, BMW’s digital actions have continued, including the debut of the My BMW App and the holding of online digital strategy communication meetings. It can be seen that digitalization is becoming an important area to help BMW’s future development and can further open up BMW’s online and offline business. . Alibaba also has many layouts in the automotive field. This time the cooperation of Internet companies and car companies may collide with different sparks.