BMW Brilliance Power Battery Center Phase II completed and put into production

On September 14, the BMW Group’s world’s first production base for the production of BMW’s fifth-generation power batteries, the second phase of the BMW Brilliance Power Battery Center, was officially completed and put into production in Tiexi District, Shenyang City. BMW Brilliance’s first pure electric vehicle BMWiX3 was launched, thus opening a new milestone in the localization of BMW. Vice Governor Cui Fenglin attended the opening ceremony.
Dr. Wei Lande, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. said: “The expansion of the power battery center is a concrete manifestation of BMW Brilliance’s continued increase in investment in Shenyang, Liaoning and Northeast China. China, for China, for the world’s model-innovative pure electric BMWiX3, demonstrating the BMW Group’s determination to continue leading electric mobility.”
The BMW Brilliance Power Battery Center was completed and put into production in 2017. The second phase completed this time will more than double the BMW Group’s power battery production capacity in China, laying the foundation for the development of BMW’s new energy vehicles. It is reported that the BMW Group is steadily advancing the process of electrification and plans to provide 25 new energy vehicles worldwide by 2023.