BYD new energy vehicles delivered to the German market

On August 7, local time, BYD delivered the first 12-meter pure electric bus to the German public transportation operator Bogestra, marking that BYD officially opened the door of German pure electric city buses and successfully entered another automobile industry powerhouse.
The first pure electric bus enters Germany and expands the global new energy map
The delivery ceremony of BYD’s first bus was witnessed by the mayors of Bochum and Gelsenkirchen. The operator’s representative Bogestra CEO Jörg Filter and BYD Europe branch representatives also attended the delivery ceremony. .
BYD won the order in September last year, with a total of 22 units. All vehicles will be delivered on schedule in October this year and put into use in many cities in the Ruhr area of ​​North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, including the bus line 354 in Bochum, the line 380 in Gelsenkirchen and the Hearn area. This two-door version of the 12-meter pure electric bus can carry up to 80 passengers, has high performance and long battery life, and has a range of more than 200 kilometers on a single charge.
Located at the crossroads of Europe, the Ruhr area is one of the most important industrial areas in Germany and the world, and is known as the “heart of German industry.” The region has developed industries and densely populated cities. In order to reduce local carbon dioxide emissions and improve air quality, local operators took the lead in introducing a sustainable electric public transport system, aiming to become the leading public transport operator in the Ruhr area.
In this regard, Frank Baranowski, the mayor of Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr area, said: “The smooth delivery of the first batch of BYD pure electric buses will effectively reduce the city’s carbon emissions. When all vehicles are put into operation in October, more than 10% of Bogestra’s fleet It will consist of electric buses, and they will provide the cleanest and sustainable transportation solutions in the Ruhr area.”
Take the lead in the deployment of bus electrification strategy, BYD bus has numerous fans overseas
Pure electric buses are BYD’s magic weapon for the overseas market and the promotion of global public transport electrification. Just a week ago, BYD delivered its first batch of pure electric bus fleets to the historical and cultural city of Pécs in Hungary, helping the local area to create a new era of electrified public transportation.
The timeline goes further. In February this year, the largest pure electric bus order in the United States was announced, and BYD took the lead. In May, BYD received another order from Sweden with extraordinary strength, and the pure electric bus is about to arrive near the Arctic Circle. In July, BYD delivered its world’s first pure electric intercity bus to Norway, and continued to win the trust of customers with its first-class products, technology and service.
In fact, as early as 2010, BYD released the “urban bus electrification” solution, which was subsequently promoted to China’s national strategy. Then, the wave of electrification swept the world, and BYD became an important participant. After ten years of hard work, BYD has developed from product export to provide a “new energy overall solution”, and actively participates in the formulation of new energy vehicle standards in many countries and regions, and promotes the global public transportation electrification process. Now, standing at the starting point of the second “decade”, BYD has brought a new product matrix, with innovative design and leading technology to bring a stunning four-seater brand new solution to the global new energy bus market.
Accumulate and develop to lead the global public transport transformation
Nine years ago, BYD’s pure electric bus made its first trip to Europe and appeared at the Belgium World Bus Expo. It was the only car company that exhibited pure electric buses at that time. After years of deployment, BYD’s electric bus footprint has spread to more than 100 cities in 20 European countries; the electrification of public buses has spread across six continents, more than 50 countries and regions, and more than 300 cities. It is also the first to enter developed markets such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. Chinese car brand. This also means that BYD’s electric vehicles have achieved 7×24 uninterrupted operation around the world, becoming a “non-stop electric vehicle”.
This time, BYD was able to stand out from the fierce competition and successfully won the order for pure electric buses in the Ruhr area of ​​Germany, relying on its reliable quality and rich and mature operating experience accumulated over a long period of time on a global scale. He Yipeng, general manager of BYD Europe Co., Ltd. said: “BYD’s official entry into the German market is the biggest recognition of the local government and operators. We will continue to insist on technological innovation and provide customers across Europe with safe and reliable zero-emission solutions. Plans to work together to create a green and sustainable future.”