Toyota said it would recall another 1.52 million vehicles in North America due to problems with its fuel pump, Reuters reported. Toyota said a car with a faulty fuel pump could cause the vehicle to stall and not restart. For recalled vehicles, dealers will replace the fuel pump with anContinue Reading

Honda closes Philippines factory! Honda’s Philippine unit said in a statement on February 22 that its production plant in the south of Manila, the Philippine capital, will be closed from next month due to difficulties in Honda’s global auto business. Honda’s Philippine unit said in a statement on February 22Continue Reading

Doosan turning center made in China first launched in Russia! Doosan machine tool has been officially exported to China since 2020. The first export equipment, the compact high productivity horizontal turning center lynx225ii, was delivered to Russia on March 9. Since returning to work on February 10, Doosan machine toolContinue Reading

Need abstract thinking and logic I don’t know when, some people only understand forging as forging, which deviates from the common name of forging – “forging iron”. Also do not know when, some people from the pressure processing sheet metal forming will be bending, shearing and punching technology independent, liveContinue Reading

The Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched four measures to facilitate enterprises Recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought the “blocking point” to the automobile enterprises in carrying out the announcement management. The Ministry of industry and information technology has launched four measures to serve enterprises. In March 17th,Continue Reading

Overall listing or restart of FAW Group With the completion of asset restructuring, the overall listing pace of FAW Group may be accelerated. On March 26, FAW Car Co., Ltd. issued an announcement. At present, it has received the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission on the approval of majorContinue Reading

Stamping processing of metal stamping parts The stamping of metal stamping parts is a kind of forming processing method which uses press and die to exert external force on plate, strip, pipe and profile to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size ofContinue Reading