Chery’s six major industrialization projects accelerated

A new round of technological revolution represented by Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies is leading to profound changes in global manufacturing industry. As a integrator of traditional manufacturing industry, the automobile industry is also stepping into an unprecedented period of change.
On November 8, Chery, during the 2020 “gathering wisdom, innovation and winning” new generation automobile electronic Summit Forum, focused on showing a number of prospective “black technology” industrialization achievements in the form of road show, which made Chery become the focus of attention of automobile industry and scientific and technological innovation circle again.
It is understood that these projects include six industrial projects, including big data public opinion analysis platform, intelligent cockpit system, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and test platform, multi material fusion new energy vehicle lightweight platform, distributed electric drive system, intelligent line control, etc., which are in the leading position in the industry.
Taking “research and development of lightweight technology and industrialization application of multi material integrated new energy vehicle” as an example, the project has realized the large-scale industrial application of aluminum alloy automobile parts (body frame, front beam, control arm, steering knuckle, etc.), magnesium alloy automobile parts (hub, CCB, battery lower shell, steering column, etc.) The application research, the application technology reserve of carbon fiber composite automobile parts (engine cover) are developed to realize the weight reduction of the whole vehicle about 100kg. The aluminum alloy body frame, front beam, control arm, steering knuckle and other parts developed by the project have been applied in Chery model, and will be further promoted in the future.
In the field of hydrogen energy, Chery has also achieved considerable results in the project of “fuel cell vehicle and key technology development”. Chery Automobile, as the pioneer of domestic energy saving and new energy vehicles, has successfully developed four generation fuel cell vehicles. On this basis, the project team has completed the development of ireze 5 fuel cell vehicle, with 3 minutes of hydrogenation and a maximum duration of 700 km. It has mastered the integration and matching technology of fuel cell passenger vehicle, the development of fuel cell vehicle energy management strategy and fuel electric power The core technical capabilities such as research and development of control strategy of pool vehicle.

In addition, the “whole line control chassis system” issued this time has two advanced functions: line control movement and line control steering. The line control braking system has the characteristics of fast response speed and short pressure construction time. When the system fails, the mechanical backup braking capability can be used to realize vehicle deceleration, and the index is obviously higher than the requirements of national standards. The line control steering system has the advantages of fast response and short execution time, which can meet the requirements of high-level automatic driving. The line control braking system has completed the calibration and verification of the whole vehicle, and is ready to match some Chery models. The line control steering system has also completed the prototype development and loading verification. In the future, the system will be further improved and promoted to the market with the help of the whole line control chassis project.
The exhibition of six major industrialization projects not only represents the profound accumulation of Chery’s technological innovation in the past 20 years, but also the early layout of Chery’s forward-looking technology for the future. In the future, Chery Automobile will aim at the development trend of automobile electronics industry, further organize the high-quality expert resources in the industry, build a platform for technical exchange and cooperation for government, industry, education and research, promote the engineering and industrialization of technical achievements, and contribute to the development of the new generation of automobile electronic industry.