Dana introduces new motors and drive shafts for forklifts

Dana introduces new motors and drive shafts for forklifts
According to foreign media reports, on July 7, local time, Dana Incorporated announced that it had brought new drive technologies to material handling vehicles, including low-voltage and high-efficiency motors for power applications, as well as for I, IV and The new modular high-efficiency drive shaft for V-class industrial forklifts.
Dana’s new technologies are modular systems that can be incorporated into vehicle designs using bolting and integration methods. The flexibility brought by new technologies can help vehicle manufacturers reduce the complexity of vehicle systems, shorten the development and time to market for new products, and introduce innovative technologies into the entire life cycle of vehicles.
Dana provides a series of Spicer drive shafts, gearboxes and drive shafts, which are suitable for traditional applications driven by internal combustion engines. It also provides a full range of motors, inverters and controllers suitable for 24V to 800V low-voltage and high-voltage applications. In addition, the company also provides a motion system for the work function of the product, as well as advanced sensors and controls to optimize the work capacity of the product, maximize the life span, and reduce maintenance.
New low-voltage high-efficiency motor
Dana has introduced a new type of 48 to 120/144V synchronous reluctance internal permanent magnet (SPIRM) motor, which can be used in class I electric forklifts, side loader and mobile lifting work platforms (MEWP). The efficiency of the motor is as high as 95%, which is higher than the power density of AC motors often used in such applications, which can extend battery life and extend the working cycle of the application.
At present, equipment manufacturers can test the motor on site. Its continuous power is 20 kW to 60 kW and the peak power is 30 kW to 70 kW. It is planned to be put into production in 2020.
This new motor is a new product from Dana, which allows manufacturers to set specific performance, power, torque and NVH requirements for a given material handling application. Dana also provides low voltage and high voltage solutions, including SRIPM, synchronous reluctance (SR), internal permanent magnet (IPM) and AC induction motors.
In addition, this motor can also be used in combination with Dana’s inverters, controllers, software and drive products to provide OEMs with comprehensive system solutions.
Spicer 141 axis
Designed specifically for I, IV and V industrial forklifts, Spicer 141 axle is an expandable modular platform suitable for heavy-duty tools, while being durable, reliable and easy to maintain.
Currently, forklifts with solid tires and pneumatic tires can use Spicer 141 axles, which have a wide range of ratios to optimize traction performance. The new series of drive shafts have wet brake and drum brake configurations, with various lever and frame mounting options. The new wet brake comes standard with a built-in spring hydraulic release (SAHR) parking brake, which complies with industry safety initiatives.