Electric cars-thinking about electric cars

The development of electric vehicles should not become the mainstream of the current development of new energy vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles are not new energy vehicles. Reasons: what are currently called electric vehicles should be upgraded versions of electric bicycles, tricycles, and scooters. The shape of the car and the electronic control system give the function of the car.
Electric vehicles driven by electricity appeared earlier than the current fuel vehicles, and have always been used, such as forklifts (battery trucks) in factories, and electric shuttles used to pick up passengers in airports.
Solving the power source, that is, the storage capacity of the battery, requires new theories and technical support. It is difficult to have a good solution for the currently visible materials and storage and discharge technology.
For the development of electric vehicles, the technical route should be to seek new materials, new power storage technologies and new electro-electric conversion methods. The materials or substances should be able to carry more electricity, and the technology should have the function of electricity compression and decompression. No loss or low loss. Control technology, that is, digital technology is not the key technology to solve electric vehicles. No matter how powerful the current digital technology is, things that imitate artificial intelligence or capabilities continue to move forward, but it will not bring revolutionary progress to electric vehicles, but digital technology can Provide ideas and development methods for solving key control technologies for electric vehicles. The living space of electric vehicles should be limited to replacing electric three-wheeled vehicles, electric bicycles, and tracked or trolley buses. Any exaggeration of their functions is contrary to scientific cognition.
A new idea is being formed. This is the promotion of the use of electric vehicles with the participation of the power grid. It may be a better development idea to combine “post thinking” with “wind power and solar energy storage needs”.
In summary, the development of hybrid and non-fuel-fueled vehicles and the improvement of engine efficiency are still key efforts in the future. Of course, exploring and seeking new energy, new theories of electric energy utilization, or new materials/materials and technologies for storage and discharge are major actions that cannot be ignored.
For the forging, stamping and sheet metal production parts and components enterprises supporting the automobile manufacturing industry, they will not be greatly impacted for a foreseeable period, but the development of energy conservation and new energy is an important content that must continue to be paid attention to.