Evergrande Automobile Base trial production! 2545 iron men

Recently, Evergrande’s production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou, which have attracted much attention, have revealed that the full-automatic production line with rapid operation of mechanical arm and the flexible and orderly intelligent robot are skillfully carrying out various operations
This situation brings Xu Jiayin back to the years when he worked hard 28 years ago and finds the feeling of being a workshop director: “today, I am very happy to see the world’s most advanced equipment, the world’s most advanced technology and the world’s most advanced intelligent manufacturing automobile production base that we have built. It’s definitely not a dream for us to build Evergrande into the world’s largest and most powerful new energy vehicle group in three to five years
Xu Jiayin inspected the stamping workshop of Hengda automobile production base
Technology blessing produces 1 car per minute
After walking into the base, the reporter’s eyes are full of sense of science and technology. The reporter is soon attracted by a large number of mechanical arms. Their actions are orderly and perfectly coordinated. A few workers just need to press a few buttons on the console or stand on the side with a little assistance. In the stamping workshop of the base, the double arm production line is running at a high speed. After being molded by the press of the production line, the flat steel is pressed into various parts needed by the body.
The world’s leading Schuler automatic stamping production line
According to the introduction, the two production bases are built according to the industrial 4.0 standard. At present, the whole line has entered the stage of equipment installation and debugging. A total of 2545 intelligent robots have been assembled, covering the four workshops of stamping, body, painting and assembly. Through the centralized manufacturing process, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and one car can be produced every minute after the comprehensive production.

The world’s leading Schuler automatic stamping production line
Wisdom enables comprehensive mass production
It is understood that the four workshops are respectively equipped with Schuler automatic stamping production line in Germany, KUKA intelligent equipment in Germany and fanako intelligent equipment in Japan, duel automatic coating production line in Germany and automatic assembly line, all of which are the most advanced intelligent equipment in the world.
Auto body workshop · auto body line 1
Auto body workshop · auto body line 1
Auto body workshop · fully automated floor line 2
Taking the car body workshop as an example, the intelligent robots on each production line work together to easily complete the welding, shaping and other processes of body in white, and can realize 24-hour automatic operation. It is the most advanced high-end intelligent “black light factory” in the world.
Painting workshop · ro dip 360 ° turnover line
Painting workshop · the most advanced German duel painting robot in the world
The intelligent operation of the whole process is the advanced level of Hengda automobile production base. Thanks to this, on the one hand, Evergrande ensures the high quality of its products, on the other hand, it also ensures high production efficiency and high qualification rate, so as to ensure that the production cost is greatly reduced and further enhance its global competitiveness.
Assembly workshop · the world’s top German dur high precision four wheel alignment
At present, the base temporarily uses parts of old models for debugging, and will produce hengchi series models in the future. According to the plan, Evergrande is developing 14 new models at the same time, of which 6 new models in the first phase have made an amazing debut recently. With the two bases entering equipment installation and commissioning, it means that Evergrande is not far from full-scale mass production.
Assembly workshop · industry’s first two color arc lamp Gallery