Great Wall Motor Taizhou Branch’s first complete PT vehicle rolled off the assembly line!

September 1
Great Wall Motor Taizhou Branch
A milestone moment
The first PT (trial production) vehicle officially rolled off the assembly line
Marking the Taizhou vehicle project of Great Wall Motors
The construction period of more than 9 months is basically over
Started to enter the full sprint stage before mass production
The atmosphere in the general assembly workshop of Great Wall Motor Taizhou Branch was warm, and the first PT vehicle off-line ceremony was held here. Cao Weidong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, attended the off-line ceremony. Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone, Gu Ping, Secretary of the Gaogang District Committee, and Jiang Junfei, General Manager of Great Wall Motor Taizhou Branch, delivered speeches respectively. Secretary and District Mayor Sun Hongjian presided over. Relevant persons in charge of municipal organs and departments, relevant persons in charge of the four district teams and persons in charge of various departments of Great Wall Motor Taizhou Branch witnessed this historical moment.
It is understood that the Great Wall Motor Taizhou complete vehicle project is a major provincial advanced manufacturing project with the largest investment volume and the strongest driving ability in Gaogang District in recent years. It is of great significance for Gaogang to build a 100 billion-class automobile industry cluster. Since the signing of the project, with the strong support of the provincial and municipal party committee governments and relevant departments, the Gaogang District Committee, the district government and Great Wall Motors have worked closely and fought side by side. Especially since this year, they have successively helped enterprises solve the problem of resumption of work and production and protection from rain. A series of issues such as flood prevention, basic facilities, and personnel recruitment have minimized the impact of the epidemic and flood conditions on project construction, and effectively ensured the rapid progress of the project.
Gu Ping expressed the hope that Great Wall Motors Taizhou Branch will take the opportunity of PT vehicles to “off the assembly line”, implement high standards, promote vigorously, invert the construction period, and wall chart operations, and launch a sprint towards the goal of “mass production around October 15” . At the same time, Gaogang will continue to support the construction and development of the Great Wall Motor Taizhou vehicle project with refined, high-efficiency, and all-round “general-tech store small two” services, and do everything possible to create favorable conditions for the completion and commissioning of the project. , Create a good environment, create the “Great Wall speed” and “Taizhou miracle” for the construction of automobile factories.
Jiang Junfei expressed his heartfelt thanks to municipal and district government leaders and project construction personnel for their support of the Great Wall project. Jiang Junfei said that Great Wall Motor Taizhou Base has placed Taizhou people’s dreams and Great Wall people’s hopes. Next, the Great Wall Motor Taizhou project team will go all out to further speed up workshop construction issues, equipment efficiency debugging, employee skill improvement, and product process verification. As well as the construction of smart factories, we will strive to make the “Great Wall Motor Made in Taizhou” a banner. At the same time, we will give full play to the corporate social responsibilities and obligations to contribute to the local construction and development.