Huawei responds to the purchase of new energy auto parts!

On the evening of May 22, Fulin Seiko announced that the company had recently signed the “vehicle mounted reducer procurement project agreement” with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”), and the company was identified as the supplier of Huawei’s new energy vehicle mounted reducer and related parts products. The two sides will carry out cooperation in the field of new energy electric drive assembly based on core technology products and industrial resources Make. As a result, the outside world once again has the conjecture of “whether Huawei wants to build a complete vehicle”.
In response, a person from Huawei’s brand Department responded that the company had no plan to build a complete vehicle. At present, it was not clear about the purchase purpose of the parts involved in the announcement, and the information was being verified internally. Another person familiar with the matter said that the cooperation should be limited to the field of new energy vehicles, three electricity, and not vehicles.
Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, firmly voted on Huawei as early as January 2019. Subsequently, Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei’s rotating chairman, further pointed out at the “Fifth International Automobile Key Technology Forum” that “Huawei does not build cars, but focuses on ICT (information and communication) technology to help car enterprises build good cars”. In short, it is “becoming an incremental component supplier for intelligent connected vehicles”
On May 9, this year, Huawei officially announced that it had formally established a “5g automobile ecosystem” with the first batch of 18 auto enterprises, including FAW Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Group, SAIC Group, GAC group, BAIC group, BYD, Great Wall Motor, Chery holdings, JAC motor, Yutong (bus), sairis, Nanjing Iveco, T3 travel, etc., to officially establish the “5g automobile ecosystem” to accelerate the application of 5g technology in the field of automobile industry The commercial process of automobile industry, and create 5g automobile that consumers can perceive.
Huawei said that as an extension of the intelligent networking ecosystem, after the establishment of the 5g automobile ecosystem, Huawei hopes to contribute more technologies, platforms and ideas to the ecosystem partners through the advantages of automobile incremental components, the 1 + 8 + n full scene experience for consumers, and the ability of 5g network solutions, so as to better serve the automobile enterprises and carry out the innovation verification of 5g vehicles. Based on this, industry insiders believe that although Huawei has repeatedly stressed that it will not make cars, this cooperation with Fulin Seiko will undoubtedly further expand the supply boundary of Huawei’s automotive related technology products.