Increase capital and share! BAIC Hainachuan deploys new energy lightweight products

Recently, BAIC Group Hainachuan Company increased its capital to acquire a 51% stake in a new energy company under Fujian Xiangxin. The two parties will deeply integrate resources, expand domestic and foreign markets, and jointly develop lightweight aluminum alloy products with leading costs and technology.
In the context of energy saving and emission reduction, automobile lightweight has become an important measure for traditional vehicles to reduce fuel consumption of vehicles and new energy vehicles to increase cruising range. Hainachuan is the parts platform of BAIC Group. It currently has a “5+1” product system covering interior and exterior trim, electronic appliances, chassis, power, body, new energy and intelligent network connection, and is more than 40 well-known vehicle companies in the world Provide supporting services.
Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. has leading technologies in the fields of aluminum alloy material research and development, special aluminum alloy extrusion and forging materials, and is the first enterprise to realize the application of 7 series special aluminum alloy in the automotive industry chain. Hainachuan Company, through its capital increase to acquire shares in Fujian Xiangxin New Energy Company, will focus on the needs of major global auto companies and parts customers, and jointly launch Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. to launch lightweight products with leading cost and technology, and promote the upgrading of lightweight industry and China Development of new energy automobile industry.