It’s set! With an investment of over $5.5 billion, Weimar’s global research and development center is located.

On July 23, Weima Automobile was successfully approved for construction of the “Weimar Automotive Global Research and Development Center” project in Crown Lake District, Dong’an New City, Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as the “Weimar Global Research and Development Center”).
It is reported that Weimar Global Research and Development Center will invest more than 5.5 billion yuan to build, will increase the “5G plus artificial intelligence” and other technologies in vehicle applications research and development investment, Weimar’s global research and development strategy to become the “technology base.”
Weima Automobile officially introduced, as a registered operation in China, for the Chinese market to build, for Chinese users to serve the national brand, Weima Automobile has always adhered to the positive research and development, independent development, innovative technology and intelligent products, into the mainstream market.
Weima will be the global research and development center in Chengdu, to help Chengdu in the field of smart electric vehicles to form a world-leading research and development strength, to create a new growth pole of economic and social development. When completed, weima’s global research and development center will become the first large-scale new energy passenger vehicle research and development institution in Sichuan Province, and even the development cluster of new energy smart vehicles in western China, which has attracted much attention.
Weima Global Research and Development Center covers an area of about 60 acres, planning and construction of five major research institutes (New Energy Automotive Research Institute, Vehicle Safety Research Institute, San electric system safety Research Institute, Forward-Looking Technology Research Institute, Automotive Creative Design Institute).
The weima global research and development center located in Longquan District, Chengdu, will further improve the positive research and development system of Weima smart electric vehicles, accelerate the zero-hours linkage between Weima’s research and development institutions around the world, and provide fertile ground for The cultivation of Weima hardware and software talents.