Japanese parts giants are exposed to fraud, Toyota, Honda and other cars are recruited

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many families have cars, and there are more than one that is wealthier. When everyone chooses a car, they tend to choose Japanese cars. Because Japanese cars have the advantages of high cost performance and energy saving. Japanese cars have always had a high global market share, so there are also many car-related companies in Japan, and many auto parts giants are in Japan.
Even so, in recent years, Japanese parts giants have frequently had troubles and related product defects have been exposed. Just two days ago, another Japanese parts giant was exposed again.
This is the case. Joyson, the largest manufacturer of seat belts in Japan, is none other than Joyson. In the production process, Joyson tampered with part of the seat belt data, causing these substandard seat belts to flow into the market. According to data from Joyson, the number of these substandard seat belts is as high as 2 million, which means that it is possible that 2 million cars will use these substandard seat belts, so that these cars will eventually be purchased by consumers.
After the news was exposed, Joyson actually announced immediately that it has not received any incidents of user casualties caused by the failure of the series of safety belts due to breaking. Subsequently, the Ministry of Transportation of Japan also issued a document: Although these seat belts are not up to standard, in the short term, these seat belts will not cause safety problems, and a task force will be established to find out as soon as possible. Despite this, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has ordered the major automakers that use Joyson to prepare for large-scale recalls.
As mentioned above, Joyson is one of the best in the field of seat belts in the world. The seat belt car manufacturers used by Joyson in Japan include the well-known Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other automobile brands. The emergence of the quality problem of the seat belts, if it leads to a global recall of cars, not only will cause the profit of Joyson to decrease this quarter or this year, but also damage the reputation of Japanese brands. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Joyson has experienced such quality problems.
Joyson was formerly known as Takata Corporation, and Takata Corporation has also recalled more than 100 million vehicles worldwide due to quality problems in airbags. At that time, it was also because of Takata’s airbag quality problems, which led to many deaths and injuries worldwide. This incident is also one of the most serious safety incidents of Japanese parts so far, and the incident at that time is still being processed.