Maiteli develops nano modified super metal

3D printing is a “new technology” that people are familiar with. “The ideas of the last century, the technology of the last century, and the market of this century” is an interesting comment on the development of 3D printing, which reflects the test of time for a revolutionary technology from its birth to its real impact on social production.
On the basis of a series of scientific research achievements, mettley has developed the corresponding nano metallurgical processes and products. The nano particles of ceramics, compounds and other materials are evenly mixed into metals or alloys to “modify” and “enhance” them, breaking through the performance shackles of the original metal materials and improving their manufacturing performance.
The results of performance verification are gratifying, and large-scale production is on the way
Relying on the top scientific research team of colleges and universities, mettley has successfully developed a series of products such as nano modified super aluminum powder, nano modified super aluminum wire, nano modified super aluminum casting and nano modified super aluminum profile after overcoming the world problem of easy agglomeration of nano particles in metal melt “Super copper”, “super steel”, “super superalloy” and other materials.
As for the choice of aluminum alloy, Dr. Liu Weiqing, CTO of the company, explained: “the company’s technology is a platform type, and nano particle dispersion technology can be applied to a variety of metals, not only magnesium or aluminum alloy. As for starting from the light-weight and high-strength aluminum alloy, it is mainly because of its large market demand and high lightweight requirements. ” Liu Weiqing said that after the maturity of aluminum alloy powder and wire products, they will gradually expand to aluminum alloy castings and products with greater demand such as profiles.
For the current printing performance of aluminum alloy powder, a paper published in nature communications, a sub Journal of nature, in 2019 gives a reassuring answer. This paper, completed by the founding team of “maiteli”, shows that the strength of the laser printed nanocomposite aluminum alloy reaches 1000 MPa, the plasticity exceeds 10%, and the young’s modulus is about 200 GPa.

Fig. mettley nano modified super aluminum alloy powder
As a result, the team broke the world record of metal printing performance, making more innovative metal 3D printing applications possible.
In addition, after T6 treatment, the tensile strength of nano modified 7075 aluminum alloy powder and nano modified 7075 aluminum alloy wire suitable for arc additive manufacturing and electron beam additive manufacturing can reach more than 540Mpa and the elongation is more than 10%, which is superior to the same type of forgings. At the same time, the strength of other series of nano modified high strength aluminum alloy powders developed by the company after 3D printing can reach more than 600MPa.
Fig. mettley nano modified super aluminum alloy wire
At present, meiteli has established a strategic partnership with many domestic well-known aluminum alloy manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, large iron and steel enterprises in Europe and large aluminum alloy manufacturers in Japan. The company also plans to further expand its production scale and has planned to build a new production line in Shenzhen.
With the solution of more technical problems and market validation, the emerging nano metallurgy technology represented by maiteli new materials Co., Ltd. has the opportunity to become a revolutionary technology platform in the new era, seamlessly connecting the existing process and large-scale production, so as to promote the wide application of super metals and trigger the new metal revolution in the 21st century.