New problems and suggestions for equipment manufacturing enterprises to resume work and production

New problems and suggestions for equipment manufacturing enterprises to resume work and production
1. The reserve requirements of protective materials are too high
With the return to work and production of enterprises and the rising rate of employees returning to work, the demand for protective articles such as masks, gloves, disinfectant, alcohol and so on has increased sharply. In some places, enterprises are required to reserve at least 10-15 days of protective equipment for returning workers. At present, the price of masks is on the high side, and a large amount of protective materials reserves not only increase the operating burden for enterprises, but also the supply of protective articles in the market is insufficient. In the case of insufficient reserve of masks, the resumption of work and production of enterprises is further delayed.
2. The health management of returning personnel is excessive
After the enterprise returns to work, it is necessary to monitor the health status of the returned workers. In addition to the daily routine health management, some places require the employees returning to work to take the temperature test twice a day, and require the enterprise to arrange 2-4 special personnel to be responsible for the health management of employees. Management personnel should fill in, report and analyze various reports every day. Do not over monitor and manage the health status of employees, which becomes the voice of enterprises after returning to work.
3. It is difficult to provide services across borders and provinces
At present, the poor situation of inter provincial logistics and international logistics has been improved. However, there are still some problems in equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as equipment installation, commissioning, R & D collaboration, external technical services, etc., which are difficult for personnel to travel and service in place. Personnel travel across provinces is facing 14 days isolation, transnational travel is limited, and enterprise external service business is basically stagnant.
According to the above new problems, suggestions are put forward as follows:
1. It is suggested that the relevant government departments in low-risk and medium risk areas should clean up unreasonable requirements such as excessive protection and over management, so as to ensure scientific and reasonable control of epidemic situation for the sake of enterprises and proceeding from reality.
2. It is suggested that the state should introduce “national transportation guarantee measures” to make the highway transportation policies of different regions implement unified standards, and solve the restrictions of different provincial traffic conditions in long-distance logistics transportation.
3. To solve the problem of service personnel flow in enterprises, it is suggested to introduce the mutual recognition mechanism of health testing among Provincial Personnel in low-risk and medium-risk areas. We should do a good job in health certificate registration, implement strict health monitoring management in transit, and shorten the time of health re examination.