Part of Honda’s UK plant will be transferred to Japan

According to Japan’s Kyodo News, Honda is discussing the transfer of part of the car production at the Swindon plant in southern England, which is planned to be closed in 2021, to Japan.
According to reports, the Swindon plant produces the “Civic”, the main model for North America, the United Kingdom and Japan. The transfer target is the part exported to Japan, and the most suitable production location including Japan will be discussed for the part exported to the UK. The governments of Japan and Britain are negotiating the phased removal of tariffs on Japanese exports of automobiles in a new trade agreement. The progress of the agreement may also affect Honda’s production system adjustment.
On February 19, 2019, Honda announced its “Escape the British” plan. As part of the global manufacturing network restructuring, the company will close its car manufacturing plant in Swindon in 2021 and will accelerate the pace of electric vehicle manufacturing. The plant produces approximately 150,000 automobiles annually and employs approximately 3,500 people.
At that time, the president of Honda Motor Europe said that in view of the unprecedented changes in the automotive industry, the company must accelerate the implementation of its electrification strategy and reorganize its global business, and had to make this difficult decision.