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Multislide / Fourslide stamping was invested by American Manufacturer, which is more accurate and flexible than metal stamping. Four-Slide / Multi-Slide machine could save the material waste as they do not need margin of material for production. Also, compare with metal stamping, some springs like flat springs, mounting clips, metal retainers could easily made by Four-Slide / Multi-Slide machine as they could handle a lot of bendings.

Besides saving materials, Multislide could also saving mold cost, they just need some small toolings not like a big tooling of metal stamping.

Capability of Multislide:
Diameter 0.05mm – 5mm
Thickness 0.05mm – 2mm

Material of Multislide:
From carbon steel to stainless steel as well as music wire, galvanized wire, phosphor bronze and so on.

Application of Multislide:
Mobile electrical contacts, led lighting fixtures, auto industry, sanitary ware and so on. 

Multislide / Fourslide Stamping

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