“R&D Tiantuan” takes you to decrypt cutting-edge technology and see how Xinbaojun forges a solid body?

“R&D Tiantuan” takes you to decrypt cutting-edge technology and see how Xinbaojun forges a solid body?
High-end steel is considered to be a decisive weapon in the manufacturing industry. To obtain it, “hot stamping technology” is indispensable. Recently, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association and the Chinese Institute of Metals awarded the “2020 First Prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award” to five companies including SAIC-GM-Wuling in recognition of their achievements in breaking through “hot stamping technology.” Behind the honor is that China’s right to speak in the global manufacturing industry has been further improved, and it has realized the road of attack from scale to technology!
Despite a series of active and passive safety configurations such as ABS and airbags, a solid body is always the first line of defense against impact. Therefore, the proportion of steel plates used in “hot stamping technology” always frequently appears in vehicle safety introductions. Today, we have invited the engineers of the “New Baojun R&D Mission” to help everyone understand the mystery of “hot stamping technology”.
Lecturer: “New Baojun Body Integration Engineer and Project Leader” Zhu Denghong, a member of the team
“Hot stamping” breeds “highest strength”
Zhu Denghong, Xinbaojun’s body integration engineer and project leader, introduced: The hot stamping technology is to heat the boron steel plate (initial strength 400~600MPa) to austenitized state (900~950℃), and then quickly transfer it to the mold High-speed stamping and forming. Under certain pressure, the parts are quenched in the die body at a cooling rate greater than 27°C/s to obtain ultra-high-strength steel (above 1500MPa) parts with uniform martensite structure.
Perhaps everyone has no concept of 1500MPa. Let’s make an analogy: it is equivalent to the pressure of a 15-ton whale on an ant, or 30 500-kilogram cows standing on their fingernails.
“Golden Bell” and “Lingbo Weibu” make car safe and worry-free
The research and development process of “hot stamping technology” is very complicated. New Baojun engineers need to overcome multiple technologies such as steel plate material production, mold steel material research, mold design, part design, part verification, etc., before they can be applied to the key transmission path of body collision. on. Now, the new Baojun, which has excellent materials, has applied it to all models, forging a “golden bell” for users.
Hot stamping is not only strong, but as foreign monopolies are broken, the production cost of hot stamping parts is lower, and a wide range of applications can be realized, allowing cars to have a lighter body. For example, the relationship between hot stamping technology materials and ordinary materials is like iron sheet and cardboard. The thickness of iron sheet is a few tenths of a millimeter, while cardboard of the same strength must be at least several centimeters.
That is to say, hot stamping technology can make the car lighter under the condition of making the material stronger and ensuring the safety of users, thereby reducing fuel consumption and improving battery life, allowing users to practice “Lingbo Microstep” as freely as possible. gallop.
This explains why the new Baojun RS-3 won the 280km race championship with a score of 5.39L per 100km in this year’s CCPC competition in Chengdu, with an average fuel consumption of only 0.3 yuan per kilometer.
Perseverance, the road to “higher intensity” is still evolving
New Baojun engineers have such a point of view: R&D is like its own DNA, a single line cannot form a perfect graph, and ideal DNA always spirals upwards.
Zhu Denghong introduced: Xinbaojun is working towards higher-strength hot-stamping parts to achieve a strength of 1800Mpa or 2000MPa or more, and further realize the platform design of hot-stamping parts, so that parts can serve more products and provide users with more things Great value product.
Steel is an industry that is both “old” and “modern”. People’s pursuit of the ultimate has never stopped. Domestic companies represented by SAIC-GM-Wuling have exchanged many achievements with continuous innovation and down-to-earth. From technology to scale, this road of attack is at the right time. SAIC-GM-Wuling and the cars behind it In the industry, there is still a vast world waiting for them to ride the wind and waves!