Sheet metal forming need abstract thinking and logic

Need abstract thinking and logic
I don’t know when, some people only understand forging as forging, which deviates from the common name of forging – “forging iron”. Also do not know when, some people from the pressure processing sheet metal forming will be bending, shearing and punching technology independent, live isolated into the common name of sheet forming – “stamping”. Stamping and sheet metal making are the components of sheet metal forming by pressure machining, all of which are the connotation of stamping. The concept of forging itself is metal plastic forming, including forging, stamping and sheet metal production.
On the one hand, some people who don’t know the connotation of their major use false information. On the other hand, it is caused by some people’s inherent thinking logic. Because for some people, abstract thinking is relatively weak, and it can be reflected only when it is pointed out. Abstract thinking refers to the process of judging, reasoning and drawing conclusions with words. Abstract thinking reflects reality through words, which is the most essential feature of thinking. Throughout all kinds of naming and interpretation of legal provisions, there is such a phenomenon of “concretization”, and the name is taken as a noun interpretation.
Logic is also a big problem. Some people are very lack of logic, and they are very fussy. These are concrete manifestations of logic confusion. Logic is a foreign word, which refers to the laws and rules of thinking. In a narrow sense, logic refers to formal logic or abstract logic, which refers to the logic of human’s abstract thinking; in a broad sense, logic also includes concrete logic, that is, the logic of human’s overall thinking. Logic sometimes needs non concrete inference, which does not necessarily have to be pointed out.
Industrial innovation, including design, should require a little logic and abstract thinking. In this way, our understanding of concepts and things can be more clear and accurate, and our creation can be more practical and lead the development of the times.