Supply Tesla! Faurecia officially settled in Shanghai

A few days ago, we learned from Faurecia that Faurecia’s seat project has officially entered Shanghai’s Lingang New Area and has become part of the intelligent networked car industry chain along with 14 other parts manufacturers.
This time Faurecia chose to settle in the new Shanghai Lingang area. It is estimated that it will invest nearly 25 million yuan in the seat project to build a seat production base, which will be supported by Tesla in the future.
The whole chair solution. As early as 2019, Faurecia’s SAS company has settled in the new area of ​​Shanghai Lingang, providing the assembly of cockpit modules for the Tesla Super Factory, and the settlement of the seat factory represents the cooperation between the two Deepen further.
In this regard, Zhang Yizhu, Director of Faurecia’s China Region Chair and Comfort System Unit, said: “Faurecia is an industry leader in the field of automotive seating. With the development of autonomous driving and intelligent interconnection, we continue to explore the advantages of automotive seating. The technological possibilities in the smart cockpit environment are also one of the reasons for the cooperation between the seat business and Tesla.”
Faurecia is an independent spare parts supply company headquartered in France, committed to providing high-quality innovative products, technical solutions and services to automobile manufacturers. At the same time, Faurecia’s core business has now entered the Chinese market. Its Chinese headquarters is located in Shanghai, with 58 factories and 5 R&D centers established. In 2019, Faurecia’s sales in China reached 3.6 billion euros.
The Lingang New Area of ​​the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially announced at the end of 2018. The most topical here is the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, which officially started construction in early 2019. The establishment and start of the factory also opened up Tesla. The prelude to brand localization. At the same time, a large number of related parts suppliers have also begun to set up projects and related factories here-by supplying parts and components for Tesla, thus driving the overall development of the domestic parts industry. Not only the Faurecia seat this time, with the further expansion of the factory’s product line, we will also see the rise of more “Tesla-related parts companies”.