Technical observation and thinking of stamping and sheet metal manufacturing industry

CAE virtual analysis technology is becoming more and more mature and widely used
The finite element analysis of sheet metal forming is an indispensable means of product development and process development of modern sheet metal forming. The function of CAE software is more and more powerful, and it is more and more close to the actual situation. The influence factors are fully considered and the big data are used to improve the analysis robustness. Some new functions have been added to some simulation software of sheet metal.
Tribo form: Die material, roughness, forming speed, lubrication conditions and other factors and conditions affecting the forming are considered, which makes the analysis results closer to the reality and more accurate.
Robustness analysis: CAE software is used to conduct 6 σ stability analysis, big data is used to analyze the results of parameters within a certain range, risk is predicted, forming conditions are improved and optimized in advance to ensure the quality and cycle of subsequent production preparation, and stable and reliable results and schemes are obtained in advance.
Considering the interface and transformation of various software, the software can be used more conveniently and quickly.
Most of CAE software we are facing is the lack of software for simulation in China. The state should encourage and support competent universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions to develop domestic CAE software with core independent property rights, otherwise our sheet metal forming technology and industry will still be controlled by others.
Other technological developments and perspectives
Automobile lightweight technology and equipment have been developed rapidly
In order to meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, whether for the continuous improvement of national emission standards for fuel vehicles or the development of electric vehicles, vehicle lightweight is the only way. At present, the main way of automobile lightweight is still material and structure. In terms of material lightweight, the application of high-strength plate, pipe, aluminum plate and composite material is still the main path. The development of technology and equipment in the future will mainly focus on these new materials and technologies, such as hot forming of high-strength sheet, internal high-pressure forming, rolling forming, aluminum alloy forming, etc. At present, hot forming and internal high pressure forming equipment have been localized, breaking the foreign monopoly situation. With the increase of demand, R & D of new materials, new process development and related equipment technology including composite materials will usher in a rapid development stage.
Demand for fine blanking parts increases
Fine blanking parts are more and more widely used in automobile and electronic industry due to its advantages of high cross-section quality, high dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability and low production cost. However, in the production of high-precision fine blanking parts, the competitiveness of domestic fine blanking enterprises needs to be improved, and the fine blanking technology, die and equipment need to be improved and developed. Development and application of fine blanking transfer die, research and application of plate forging technology, and precision stamping technology with more complex shape and higher precision will be the key research and development directions in the field of fine blanking.
Closer process integration
Stamping, sheet metal manufacturing and precision extrusion forming (volume forming) are more and more interrelated and infiltrating each other. Many parts adopt the composite process of stamping and extrusion. At the same time, many products and enterprises are also stamping and sheet metal production process closely combined.
In terms of technology and equipment technology: Jiangsu Zhongxing Xitian has developed the first set of multi station press with independent property rights for punching and forging composite processing in Jiangsu Province (Fig. 4), which combines the stamping and forging process, and completes the material thickening and volume forming at the bottom dead point. The structure of press ensures rigidity and adopts servo control.
Upgrading of agricultural machinery stamping products
China is in a critical period of transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, which is both an opportunity and a challenge to the development of domestic agricultural machinery industry. On the one hand, the demand of modern agriculture for agricultural machinery has increased significantly, coupled with the government’s subsidy policy, the agricultural machinery industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities; on the other hand, modern agriculture needs large, efficient, complex agricultural equipment and core parts still rely on imports, and international capital has entered the field of agricultural machinery in China. At the same time, people’s requirements for the traditional agricultural machinery have changed from focusing on practicality in the past to paying attention to both practicality and visual effect and comfort of operation, which puts forward higher requirements for the modeling and quality of agricultural machinery cab covering parts. Agricultural machinery enterprises need to develop products and processes simultaneously, and to combine stamping and sheet metal manufacturing technology to meet the needs of agricultural machinery sheet metal production and stamping parts in the new era.
It has become a trend that parts factories and equipment factories jointly develop equipment
The drawing of 1250 ton servo forging machine
The joint development and design of stamping process and stamping equipment by equipment manufacturers and parts manufacturers has become the common desire of both sides. According to the process requirements and characteristics of the products, the equipment factory and the stamping factory cooperate to research and develop the suitable process, mold, equipment, automation system, etc. This requires equipment enterprises to have the talent and ability of process development, and the requirements for equipment enterprises will be higher and higher.