Tesla’s new plant is under construction at a faster pace or faster than the Shanghai plant.

Construction has begun at Tesla’s Austin superstate, according to U.S. technology website Electrek. A drone video showed the factory next to a highway, some heavy construction machinery had arrived at the scene and bulldozers were working. From the video, the land in this area is not flat, and the current leveling of some areas has been completed.
Last week, Tesla CEO Mark Musk confirmed the next super-factory in Austin on a conference call after the second-quarter results. Musk revealed that the Austin Superstynd, which covers about 2,000 acres, is Tesla’s largest manufacturing site to date.
As early as February, Musk hinted on Twitter that he would build a superstation in Texas. In an effort to lur Tesla to build the plant, Travis County, Texas, officials voted on July 14th to give Tesla at least $14.7 million in tax breaks after building a plant near Austin Airport, provided that Tesla invests at least $1.1 billion to build a plant near Austin.
Musk said the area is about 5 minutes from Austin Airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Austin. The plant will be an “ecological paradise” and open to the public. The new superstell will be used to make Tesla’s pickup Cybertruck, truck semi, Model 3 and Model Y models, which are sold mainly to the eastern half of North America.
Electrek previously reported that Tesla plans to try to quickly deploy a Model Y assembly line at its new plant. The carmaker hopes to put it into operation by the end of the year, meaning Tesla will complete the entire main building in the coming months, faster than the Shanghai supersty.
On July 23, Tesla reported second-quarter revenue of $6.04 billion and a net profit of $104 million, well longer than the market’s expected “loss of $240 million.” So far, for the first time in a row, Tesla has made four consecutive quarters of earnings and received an “entry” that was included in the Standard and S. 500.