The first independent brand! SAIC GM Wuling 22 million vehicles off line

With the 22 million vehicles coming off the production line, SAIC GM Wuling has officially become the first Chinese automobile enterprise with a production of more than 22 million vehicles.
On the site of the 22 million vehicle off-line and the domestic release ceremony of Wuling global silver standard, the first new car of Wuling global silver standard slowly drove out of the production line. This is not only a “small step” of SAIC GM Wuling, but also a symbol of the company’s years of deep cultivation in the domestic and foreign markets. It also means that China’s automobile development has ushered in another important milestone, an increasingly powerful China Manufacturing will participate in the global market competition more deeply.
Launching the global silver standard at a height of 22 million is an important deployment of SAIC GM Wuling based on its global strategy. Wuling brand will become the main carrier for enterprises to implement the global strategy and further broaden their global vision. In the future, Wuling brand products will apply global silver standard and classic red label respectively according to different platforms to meet the vehicle demand of users in different markets around the world.