The third batch of new energy vehicles to the countryside has been released!

According to news from the China Automobile Association website on October 19, the third batch of auto companies and models of new energy vehicles going to the countryside was announced, including Dongfeng Motor, BYD, Yundu New Energy, Runaway Automobile, Jiangsu Jimai New Energy Co., Ltd., Eight car companies including Chengdu Dayun Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guoji Zhijun Automobile Co., Ltd. and Zhongtong Bus.
Prior to this, on July 15, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the “Notice on the Development of New Energy Vehicles Going to the Countryside”. The event time is from July 2020 to December 2020. Bohai Securities pointed out that this policy announcement coincides with the time when the last round of automobile replacement is needed, which will help rural residents eliminate old cars with large carbon dioxide emissions and comprehensively promote the replacement of automobile products.
West China Securities pointed out that the new energy vehicle market has resumed a relatively high growth trend. Driven by the continuous increase in supply + demand, it continues to be optimistic about the sales performance in subsequent months. In terms of structure, driven by the increase in sales of passenger vehicles such as model3 and Hongguang MINIEV, the sales structure of pure electric passenger vehicles for the whole year is expected to show a pattern of A-level and above, and the proportion of A00-level rebounds.
The agency believes that it is necessary to seize the leading high-growth and high-certainty opportunities, the four major industrial chain opportunities of Tesla, Volkswagen MEB platform, CATL, and LG Chem. And: 1) Better battery and anode links on the industry track; 2) High technical barriers and know-how dominated separator links; 3) The profit structure and market structure of cathode materials improved by high nickel; 4) Penetration Conductive agent and lithium iron phosphate link for increased efficiency or structural opportunities. The beneficiaries: CATL, Tina Technology, Dangsheng Technology, Putailai, Sinoma Technology, Guoxuan High-Tech, Kedali, Enjie, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Tianci Materials, Triad, Kstar, Penghui Energy, Defang Nano, etc.