The world’s first pure electric truck crane rolled off the assembly line

The world’s first pure electric truck crane rolled off the assembly line
25-ton level, pure electric, maximum speed up to 90 km/h, maximum gradeability of 50%, no exhaust emissions, endurance of more than 260 kilometers… Recently, a pure electric truck crane was in the spring of Changsha Zoomlion Tang Industrial Park rolled off the assembly line, this is the world’s first pure electric truck crane, known as the “Tesla” of construction machinery. In this new global record, the core components-electric oil-free air compressors and electric steering pumps are all from “Made in Ruian.”
On July 1, the reporter came to Rui’an Ruili Group Co., Ltd. Knowing our intention, Xu Benguang, the senior deputy general manager of Ruili Group, led us to the room temperature life test area, pointed to a black “metal block” on the workbench, and introduced to us, “This is what is carried on a pure electric Electric oil-free air compressors on truck cranes, pure electric truck cranes rely on it to provide air for braking.”
2020 is a crucial year for the country to win the battle to defend the blue sky. The use of pure electric energy for “large” construction machinery such as truck cranes is of great significance to energy conservation and emission reduction. “Among them, the electric oil-free air compressors we developed and carried occupy an important part of pure electric cranes.” Xu Benguang said that after receiving the task of supporting truck cranes last year, Ruili Group began to develop supporting products that meet its standards.
“Compared to new energy buses, cranes and other construction vehicles have higher requirements for electric air compressors.” Xu Benguang said, construction vehicles generally work on undulating construction sites, and there will be violent bumps during driving, while Ruili The manufactured electric oil-free air compressor meets the requirements of shockproof and low noise to ensure the comfort of the driver during operation. More importantly, the protection level of ordinary electric air compressors on the market is only IP67 and cannot be operated in water, while the electric oil-free air compressors of Ruili Group meet the protection IP68 requirements, even if they are immersed in water for 1 hour. In normal use, the service life can reach 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to a service life of 8 to 10 years, which is much higher than the 3 to 5 years of an ordinary air compressor.
It is reported that Ruili Group has been focusing on the development of auto parts for more than 30 years. Through domestic and foreign introduction and self-cultivation, it has established an internationally competitive R&D team. The annual R&D investment accounts for more than 4% of the main business income. Ruili currently has more than 1,000 valid patents, including 94 invention patents.