Toyota recalls another 1.52 million vehicles

Toyota said it would recall another 1.52 million vehicles in North America due to problems with its fuel pump, Reuters reported.
Toyota said a car with a faulty fuel pump could cause the vehicle to stall and not restart. For recalled vehicles, dealers will replace the fuel pump with an improved version.
This is not the first time that Toyota has made a large-scale recall due to the problem of fuel pump. As early as January this year, due to the problem of fuel pump, Toyota has recalled a total of 696000 vehicles in North America, including Asian dragon, Camry, Highlander, corolla, Lexus es and Lexus NX. Toyota said that if the recalled fuel pump fails, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and the engine may be difficult to operate or shut down, or even unable to restart. If it happens at high speed, it may increase the risk of collision. But Toyota declined to comment on whether the fuel pump directly caused the crash, injury or fire.
According to reports, the fuel pump involved in the large-scale recall came from Toyota’s supplier, Japanese parts giant Denso. It is worth mentioning that the fuel pump produced by Denso has affected many Japanese enterprises. Prior to this, Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, etc. all had large-scale recalls due to the hidden danger of engine flameout caused by the fuel pump manufactured by Denso.
In China, according to statistics, since September last year, more than 1.28 million vehicles have been recalled, including Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and other brands. From this year’s point of view, Toyota recalled a total of 257000 imported and domestic cars. Recently, FAW Group also filed a recall plan with the State Administration of market supervision and administration. From October 30, 2020, it will recall some domestic Mazda 6 and other models, a total of 16792. At the same time, Chang’an Mazda is also affected by potential safety hazards of fuel pumps produced by Denso Start the recall.
For North America, according to statistics, Toyota has recalled more than 6 million vehicles this year. In addition to the recall due to the potential safety hazard of fuel pump, there are 2.9 million vehicles recalled in North America due to the defect of electronic system, which may produce electronic noise or cause the airbag unable to start, and about 52000 vehicles recalled in North America due to the leakage of internal and external coolant due to the incorrect installation of engine block.
As the largest single market of Toyota, Toyota is not only troubled by the recall problem in the U.S. market, but also has a negative growth in sales. According to the 2020 financial report released by Toyota before, Toyota’s car sales in the United States in 2019 were 2.383 million, a year-on-year decrease of 1.8%. In addition, Toyota expects U.S. car sales to fall 15% in 2020.