Volvo Car’s 200,000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line at Daqing Plant!

On September 4, as a new S90 RECHARGE T8 plug-in hybrid model in Dibei gray rolled out of the tail line of Volvo Car’s Daqing factory assembly workshop, Daqing factory ushered in its 200,000th complete vehicle. The S90 that rolled off the assembly line today will then take the China-Europe Express train and be shipped to Europe along the “Belt and Road” footprint and delivered to European customers. As the only production base of S90 in the world, Volvo Car’s Daqing plant has demonstrated the strength and quality of “Made in China, Global Export” to the world. Relying on strong system capabilities and excellent product capabilities, Volvo Cars has achieved dazzling performance in China and has maintained double-digit growth for five consecutive months despite force majeure in the auto market this year. In August this year, Volvo Cars sold 15,818 vehicles in mainland China, an increase of 11.5% year-on-year.
The Asia-Pacific region, with China at its core, is one of Volvo Cars’ three global local markets. As an indispensable part of Volvo Cars’ global industrial system, the Daqing plant is Volvo Cars’ first SPA expandable module architecture plant in China, and it is also the world’s only production base for S90 luxury cars. For this reason, the Volvo S90 is the first domestically produced SPA model; it is also the only truly global model among the luxury brand models made in China.
Yuan Xiaolin, Senior Vice President of Volvo Car Group and President and CEO of Volvo Cars Asia Pacific, said: “Made in China is the core of Volvo Cars’ global layout. In the past ten years, Volvo Cars has continued to build system capabilities in China and started global production and A new era of export. Today’s 200,000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line at the Daqing plant is a solid proof that Volvo Cars has been deeply involved in China and serving the world; it is also a proof that Volvo Cars’ products made in China have been recognized by consumers worldwide.”
In August of this year, the new S90 was officially launched, becoming Volvo Car’s first full-series hybrid model in China, and the first full-series hybrid model in its class. Volvo Cars announced a comprehensive electrification strategy as early as 2017. The new S90 RECHARGE T8 plug-in hybrid model rolled off the assembly line today marks that Volvo Cars is steadily implementing a comprehensive electrification strategy in China.
Both sales and export performance increased, maintaining double-digit growth
Volvo Cars’ forward-looking global layout and systemic efforts have enabled “Made in China, Global Export” to be widely recognized by global customers. With global quality and excellent product power, Volvo Cars’ performance has also maintained double-digit growth.
In August, Volvo Cars sold 15,818 vehicles in mainland China, a year-on-year increase of 11.5%. The total sales volume from January to August this year has reached 95,798 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 1.5%. Among them, Volvo S90 has strong consumer demand. With the launch of the new S90 and the promotion of a comprehensive electrification strategy, the follow-up performance is worth looking forward to.
In addition to its outstanding performance in the Chinese market, Volvo Cars’ exports have also achieved steady growth. Volvo Cars is the first luxury car brand exported to mature markets in Europe and America in the history of China’s automobile industry, and it is also the first automobile manufacturer in China to transport complete vehicles through the China-Europe Express. Up to now, Volvo cars made in China have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, covering markets on five continents.
For many markets, the export of domestic Volvo cars has achieved a “zero” breakthrough in “Made in China” luxury car products. This breakthrough is not only in the European and American markets, but also in many other developed countries and markets.
This enabled Volvo Cars to achieve a year-on-year increase of more than 29% in exports in the first half of this year, continuously and efficiently responding to the needs of global consumers, and demonstrating to the world the strong strength of Chinese manufacturing in serving the international market.
Firmly implement the strategy of “Made in China, Sell to the World” in the future
Relying on a complete and systematic layout, Volvo Cars has achieved remarkable results in the development of China. In the future, Volvo Cars will continue to firmly implement the strategy of “Made in China, Global Sales”, optimize global resource allocation, balance supply and demand in the global market, continue to efficiently share Volvo Cars’ development achievements in China with the global market, and achieve three major goals. The complementary advantages of the local market. While continuing to increase the number of export countries and regions, as well as the number of vehicle exports, Volvo Cars will continue to steadily promote the comprehensive electrification strategy to further increase the number of exports of new energy vehicles.
Volvo Cars is committed to bringing more products with uniform global quality to Chinese consumers, and is also committed to bringing more excellent products representing China’s high-end manufacturing to global consumers. Volvo Car’s steady development and continuous deep cultivation in China will drive the further improvement of the brand’s performance in the global market and make positive contributions to the upgrading of the industrial structure and globalization of China’s automobile industry.